Alpha Omicron Chapter at University of Southern Mississippi

Why Join Phi Mu

Why Join Phi Mu

 Maybe you have it all figured out, maybe not. In either case you'll need friends to help you along the way. Girlfriends. Sisters. Friends committed to you through a lifetime of ups and downs. Friends who'll help you grow as a person and as a leader. Friends who'll be there when you realize that you really don't have it all figured out. Friends who'll need you to be there for them, too. You know the type. They are the girlfriends who demonstrate that BFF sort of connection with you. They are there to build you up and to be by your side as you build up others. They have a special sort of energy about them. They are vibrant. And they're looking forward to friending you at Phi Mu.

Four Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu:

  • To Make Friends
  • To Be The Best You
  • For An Opportunity To Lead
  • Because You Like To Help Others


3 Principles. 2 Letters. 1 Unbreakable Bond.

As an incoming freshman, I was very uncertain as to whether I wanted to join a sorority or not. I was always told things like a sorority was just a way to “pay for your friends” or that they are very “cliquish”. However, during my first couple of weeks at USM, I was somehow persuaded to go through formal recruitment. I had no idea what to expect during this week because no one in my immediate family had been a part of Greek Life. The only thing in the back of my head was, “I hope they like me”. I cannot even begin to describe the exhilarating feeling it felt walking into each house, meeting so many people and seeing so many different personalities. I can honestly say I went through recruitment with an open mind, not having the slightest clue as to where I would end up on bid day. Throughout the week, Phi Mu had been one of my favorite houses. It wasn’t about the songs they sang, or the outfits they wore, it was about the conversations I had with these girls that kept me coming back. I felt comfortable in Phi Mu-like I belonged there. On Bid Day I knew that that was where God had planned for me to go. 

Two years later, as an upcoming junior, I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of this sisterhood. It is more than 2 letters on a shirt. It is an unbreakable bond that lasts so much longer than four years of college. Being in Phi Mu has allowed me to gain confidence, leadership skills, etiquette, intelligence, friendships, memories, involvement on campus, and so much more.  These girls have been here for me during my weakest moments.  They have given me the support and courage to do things that I otherwise would not be able to do.  They have held me accountable for my actions, molding me into a true Phi Mu Lady.  They will be the ones by my side on my wedding day.  I have found my home away from home, and you can too here at Phi Mu.
We are based on three principles.

                  LOVE.  HONOR. TRUTH.               

 "I didn't know who I was until I became Phi Mu, and now I can LOVE whole-heartedly, HONOR those around me and the promises I make, and always speak the TRUTH of my thoughts." 

-Amber Craven

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